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Question by Bela

My son, 3 years old, has been prescribed homeopathic Carcinocin remedy for autism.

Can you tell me more about use and effectiveness of carcinocin remedy for autism treatment?


Dear Bela,

Carcinocin is basically derived from Cancer tissue. It is absolutely safe to take in homeopathic doses. It is available in many forms depending upon the tissue of origin. For autism cases, the most used form is ‘Carcinosin co’ or ‘Carcinocin T15’.

Carcinocin is prescribed on the basis of symptom similarity. However it is often more commonly indicated in cases where there is some family history of cancer. But that is not a limiting factor. Carcinocin remedy can be used even without the family history of cancer, if the symptoms agree. You can read more about indications of Carcinocin here:

I hope this information about homeopathic carcinocin remedy for autism is helpful for you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia


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