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There are a number of therapies which are used for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some, like Occupational Therapy and ABA are very commonly used. Others are used sparingly. Some have scientific studies to back them, others just have anecdotal evidence. Following is a list of therapies most commonly used for treatment of Autism, ASD, Asperger’s Disease, PDD:


1. Occupational Therapy

2. Speech Therapy

3. ABA Therapy

4. Social Skills Classes

5. Hippotherapy (OT through horseback riding)

6. GFCF Diet

7. Psychiatrist/Psychologist sessions –

8. Floor Time,

9. RDI,

10. PECs,

11. Swimming,

12. PRT

13. Mainstream schooling

14. iPad

15. Vision therapy, aqua therapy 

16. Vitamin supplements,

17. Chelation,

18. Hyperbaric Chambers

19. Classical Homeopathy

20. CEASE Therapy

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